Have Your Say: Best Gear of 2017
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Have Your Say: Best Gear of 2017

For the past few weeks we've been running a series of polls to find out what you - our readers - think of the major product releases of 2017. For the first round of voting we made six initial polls covering lenses, compact cameras and interchangeable lens cameras (ILCs). Now that those polls have closed, we're pleased to announce the winners. Thanks to everyone that voted!

But the voting isn't (quite) over yet. You don't get away that easily...

In this slideshow we're announcing the winners and runners-up in each category, and kicking off a final poll, to determine which of the twelve individual winners from the first round should be crowned as your choice for overall best gear of 2017.

Have your say

Have your say: Best product of 2017
  • Apple iPhone X6.6%
  • Fujifilm X100F5.6%
  • Fujifilm X-E32.8%
  • Fujifilm X-T204.6%
  • Google Pixel 22.9%
  • Nikon D85025.8%
  • Nikon D75002.0%
  • Olympus OM-D E-M10 III2.9%
  • Panasonic Lumix DC-GX8501.2%
  • Sigma 14mm F1.8 Art3.3%
  • Sigma 135mm F1.8 Art3.6%
  • Sony a910.7%
  • Sony a7R III21.3%
  • Sony Cyber-shot RX10 IV3.3%
  • Tamron SP 70-200mm F2.8 G21.7%
  • Tamron SP 24-70mm F2.8 G21.7%
Total voters: 4,614

Voting is easy - you pick your favorite products by dragging and dropping. You can pick up to three, and rank them in order of priority.