Delkin now has a CompactFlash reader compatible with both UDMA and FireWire 400/800, promising maximum download speeds over 45MB per second. The new reader is Mac OS X and Windows compatible and is equally happy with Type I and II CompactFlash media as well as MicroDrives. The reader is shipping now and should be available in stores soon for $89.99 (£49.99)

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Press release (UK):

Delkin's new CompactFlash UDMA Firewire reader downloads photos at speeds greater than 45 MB/sec

Delkin Devices, Inc. announced its first shipments of the new CompactFlash UDMA FireWire 400/800 reader to camera stores, distributors and international channels. Combining FireWire and UDMA (Ultra Direct Memory Access) technologies, the reader allows photographers to quickly transfer high resolution photos to a computer, greatly improving workflow efficiency. Featuring transfer speeds greater than 45 MB/sec with UDMA enabled CF memory cards; this product is Delkin’s most anticipated reader/writer.

“Many professional photographers use computers with FireWire,” explains Delkin’s Marketing Manager, Eric Richter. “With the advent of UDMA enabled CF cards, there’s an opportunity for increased speeds transferring the huge image files today’s Digital SLRs create. Professionals need to get their images into their computer as quickly as possible. The CF FireWire 400/800 Reader provides them with the solution.”

The Delkin CF FireWire 400/800 reader provides an essential link in the workflow process, so photographers can save precious time importing photos to their computers. The CF FireWire 400/800 reader improves workflow speeds with transfer speeds over 45 MB/s. These ultra-fast speeds are achieved when using UDMA enabled CF cards. The Delkin CF FireWire 400/800 reader is compatible with CompactFlash (Type I and II), MicroDrive, and UDMA enabled CompactFlash media cards. It comes with an attached FireWire 800 cable and a FireWire 800 to 400 adapter.

Delkin’s CF FireWire 400/800 reader will sell at an MSRP of £49.99. For more information, go to