This is a message to the fifteen to twenty people who email me every day asking when I will be posting my Nikon Coolpix 5000 review. I received my latest (working) Coolpix 5000 on 2nd January, I'm currently about 50% through the review and it should be published mid to end of next week. There will be image quality comparisons with the Olympus E20 and Sony DSC-F707. The only potential issue at the moment is the appalling weather we've been having here in London for the last week. So please guys, stop emailing me and let me get on with it :)

For those who are interested the first Coolpix 5000 which I received before Christmas appeared to have a lens problem and had to be sent back (no, not the lens cap issue).


Sorry guys, but a lack of any decent weather has left me without an opportunity to get a good 'feel' for the camera or get any shots for the gallery. Today was the first good day in London and I've now got 14 or 15 samples for the galleries and a better feel. Review should be up either tomorrow, Saturday or Monday.