One of the drawbacks of running a company devoted to renting out photographic equipment is that it’s necessary to evaluate and service equipment just about every time it comes back. That’s why the team at have just purchased and installed a massive and cumbersome looking lens calibration system. In one of the geekier unboxing articles we've seen, they show every step of the assembly of the device. 

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While the system has an official name - VARS (an acronym they claim they’ve already forgotten) - they’re looking for help coming up with a nickname to refer to the lens adjustment setup. The prize is simply the testing of your choice of lens on the VARS (or whatever you end up naming it). But bragging rights are probably more interesting. Just leave your suggestion at the end of the article. 

Even if you're not interested in naming it, the story on the blog does a great job explaining how photographic optics are calibrated and is worth a read.