The Japanese website Impress PC Watch picked up news of a development by Kyocera (owner of the Contax name) to produce a digital version of their N1 35mm camera, dubbed the N Digital it will feature a 6 megapixel sensor (not yet confirmed CCD or CMOS) which will be the size of a 35mm frame (thus no focal length multiplier), a two inch LCD and support CF Type II. The camera will support Contax's own "N mount" lenses, so far four Carl Zeiss lenses exist with this mount. Kyocera are hoping to price the Digital SLR at around 800,000 YEN (approx. US$7,400). Expected Spring 2001.

(click for larger image)

Details we've been able to decipher from these new images:

  • Focus illuminator / white balance sensor top left front
  • Roller style command wheel (front only)
  • Portrait handgrip along base with additional shutter release & command wheel
  • Matrix, Center-Weighted Average & Spot metering
  • Battery compartment in base
  • Multiple focus points accessable through "joystick" under thumb (top right rear)
  • Custom settings
  • One-touch white balance preset
  • Manual controls (shutter speeds on right hand dial)
  • Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, Full Manual, Program, Program presets
  • Multiple ISO's
  • Continuous, Single and Manual focus modes
  • Size: approx D1 size