The website Lenstag bills itself as a tool for helping photographers find lost or stolen gear, but now it’s branching out to help people find images used without permission, too.  

Lenstag maintains a database of a user’s lens, camera body and accessory serial numbers and then trawls the web looking for photos posted with those registration numbers in the EXIF data of a photo. When gear is marked as stolen, Lenstag notifies the owners of the equipment that those photos have shown up online. 

Now, as well as gear, the company is rolling out the ability to find images being used without permission. As reported by PetaPixel, the idea for this new feature arose by chance when Lenstag creator Trevor Sehrer's wife accidentally tagged some gear as stolen and received a notification that one of her photos was being used on a random blog. 

Sehrer built this accidental discovery into a new service for photographers, and the most recent update to the Lenstag iOS and Android app now provides the ability to scan for pirated images.