Canon has released an advisory note informing select PowerShot owners that their cameras might be affected by an issue with poor contact between the battery and battery terminal. If this is present, the user might experience one of a few different problems, including a message telling the user to "charge the battery".

In addition to the charge message, affected users may not be able to turn their camera on at times, or may experience it randomly turning off when in use. Says Canon, this is a rare issue that potentially affects units from six different PowerShot models: the PowerShot ELPH 135, ELPH 150 IS, ELPH 340 HS, SX280 HS, S120, and ELPH 140 IS.

PowerShot owners can check whether their camera is covered under the advisement by identifying the sixth character in the serial number; if the character is a "0", it is possible the camera is affected by this problem. The exception is the PowerShot SX280 HS, which may feature a "4" instead of a "0", as well as the PowerShot S120, which may feature a "1" instead.

Some of the cameras may have already been serviced for this problem, which is indicated by a mark placed inside the battery cover. If your camera includes this mark, Canon says the problem has already been fixed and there is no need to send it in for serving.

This advisory follows a similar notice posted about a year ago for PowerShot 330 HS owners, identifying the same problems with poor battery contact.

Owners experiencing battery issues with one of the affected models can contact Canon to have it checked and potentially repaired or replaced up through the end of 2019.