ACDSee Ultimate 8 adds layer creation and manipulation to the existing features of ACDSee Pro 8 and ACDSee 18.

ACD Systems has announced ACDSee Ultimate 8, bringing for the first time layer-based editing to its Digital Asset Management and image manipulation software. It offers the same image adjustment capabilities provided by ACDSee Pro 8 with the added ability to create and manipulate layers, as well as support for 32-bit and 64-bit transparency. It's available now to PC users only for $149.99. 

Press release:

ACD Systems Announces First All-in-One Digital Asset Manager and Layered Editor

ACDSee Ultimate 8 Eliminates the Need to Use Multiple Image Editing Products to Achieve Professional Results

Seattle, Wash. and Victoria, Canada – December 11, 2014—ACD Systems International Inc., today announced the first all-in-one digital asset manager and layered editor, ACDSee Ultimate 8. This product is the first to combine powerful Digital Asset Management (DAM) software with a layered editor, providing photographers and graphic designers with professional photo manipulation capabilities. Until today, photographers would have to run multiple, expensive applications to edit and achieve professional results. Now, professionals and sophisticated amateurs can rely on one product for an unparalleled number of creative graphic and image composition needs. 

ACDSee Ultimate 8 combines layers, GPU-accelerated image processing and support for 32-bit and 64-bit transparency with all of the photo adjustment and management capabilities available in ACDSee Pro 8 and ACDSee 18 products. These advanced capabilities give users more control over the images they manipulate by being able to merge photos together, add text, apply effects and edit each layer individually.

“As the photography industry continues to shift, we’ve noticed that there’s a void for an easy to use photo editor and management solution with advanced capabilities,” said Doug Vanderkerkhove, Founder and CEO of ACD Systems. “We wanted to address that need and that’s why we developed ACDSee Ultimate 8. For the first time our customers have the intuitive photo editing and management support they’ve always trusted from ACD Systems, combined with the advanced functionality of layers.  Everybody from sophisticated amateur photographers to advanced graphic designers can utilize ACDSee Ultimate 8 and achieve spectacular results.”

“I switched to the ACDSee Pro product from a competitive product years ago and it has become my ‘go-to’ finishing tool for both my raw and jpg photos,” said Glen Barrington, photographer and ACDSee customer. “I am now using ACDSee Ultimate because with the addition of the new layers toolset, my editing possibilities expand considerably. I no longer have to use a separate standalone bit mapped editor for complex editing tasks, and I can merge images, apply special effects, and more, without leaving the familiar productive environment I prefer.”

ACDSee Ultimate 8 offers the following capabilities:

  • Create, reorder, merge and manipulate layers individually
  • Manipulate individual parts of an image without affecting another area for more precise editing
  • Apply filters and effects to layers
  • Apply Pixel Targeting to layers
  • Add new images as layers to create collages and image compositions
  • Add text and watermark as a layer
  • Support for transparency (32-bit and 64-bit images)

Availability and Pricing
ACDSee Ultimate 8 is available for $149.99. Additional information, including full system requirements can be found online at