Readers' Showcase: Sarnim Dean
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Readers' Showcase: Sarnim Dean

Path through the Portal: Although not as renowned for its clear skies as more southern areas of New Zealand, my home province of Marlborough still has very little light pollution, all within a short drive of home. I’m glad I left the city! Wairau Lagoon, Marlborough, Year 2015. Photo and caption by Sarnim Dean

Who inspires you?

Can I pick 3?

  • My wife for her selflessness. She encourages me to get out by myself with my camera while she does the hard yards with the kids.
  • Anyone who doesn't take themselves too seriously.
  • Mountain bike athletes such as Nino Schurter and Sam Gaze. They convey courtesy, tenacity and a sense of enjoyment - which are all great attributes for photography.