Readers' Showcase: Sarnim Dean
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Readers' Showcase: Sarnim Dean

Robin in Ray. I was chilling out by the tent when I noticed this social little fellow hopping around the campsite. The late morning light was dappled as it filtered through the trees. Ignoring the sandflies, I grabbed my camera and got down to ground level, waiting for him to spring into an area of sunlight. He was perhaps 2-3 metres from me when he did just that, and I took about 3 photos. I like this one best as it is the only image where the robin’s face is in profile. Taken in 2013. Partial Metering ensured the exposure was correct for the bird, allowing the background to fade to black. Photo and caption by Sarnim Dean

What are some of your favorite places to photograph?

Obviously the beauty of New Zealand's landscape and wildlife, and in particular the desolate places where there are just a couple of people within a hundred kilometers.

Lately, it's been mountainous untouched realms in the dead of night, such as Nelson Lakes National Park where the constellations above are oh-so bright. You feel very small and daily issues shrink to their proper perspective.