Android falls behind in the U.S mobile market while the iPhone 5 pushes Apple to the top spot.

Apple gained majority market share today, claiming 48.1% of U.S. mobile users. Meanwhile, Android’s market share dropped from 63.3% to 46.7%. 

Aside from sales, Apple is also proving to be the leader in other aspects of the mobile industry.

As the mobile market is maturing, smartphone and tablet owners are using their devices for more than just placing calls and checking email. 

Black Friday drove over $1 billion in online purchases this year—the highest web sales ever posted during the popular shopping day in the U.S. following the Thanksgiving holiday. Of those online purchases, mobile devices made up 24% of cyber shopping traffic -- 77% of which was done on iOS devices and 21% on Android.

Apple devices dominate all other phones on Flickr.

Android disengagement is not limited to shopping.  Reports released earlier this year indicate that iOS users use more apps and browse the Internet more on their smartphones and tablets. On Flickr, Apple devices dominate smartphone camera uploads.

This disparity has left many tech pundits and anonymous internet commenters wondering—are Android users less engaged? And if they are, why?