Electronics company Toshiba has announced that it will bring its wireless transfer memory cards to Europe, after having sold them in the Japanese market since the beginning of summer. The Class 10 16GB SDHC card uses TransferJet technology to communicate with compatible devices or devices fitted with TransferJet adapters that are brought into close proximity with the card's host. The idea is that images or other data can be transferred from a still or video camera directly to a computer, tablet or phone without having to make a cabled connection. The devices need to touch – like the NFC system – and the connection is made in 0.1 seconds.

Toshiba claims the connection between the devices is secure because the technology only works with devices very close together, so data can't be intercepted from a distance. The company also says that the transfer of information happens at 560 Mbps, and that 10GB can be moved in just three and a half minutes. 

Toshiba sells a range of adapters for USB and microUSB ports, as well as for Apple's Lightning ports. No pricing has been released yet - a US press release from January quoted $79.99 with availability in March, however we haven't seen any signs of TransferJet products for sale yet. For more information visit the Toshiba TransferJet website.