The ChargeCard is as thick as two credit cards and easily fits in any wallet.

The other day, I was in a bind. My iPhone was dying and I was in a decidedly Android-only house. No lightning connector in my immediate reach, I watched my phone die before my eyes, helpless to save it. This tragedy could have been avoided had I thought to bring along a charging cable.

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ChargeCard wants to prevent future battery disasters by being the portable power connecter that is always by your side — or at least in your pocket.

A year after ChargeCard's Kickstarter success, the portable power connecter is finally making its way into online stores. The $25 device is as thick as two credit cards and comes with either a micro USB port, 30-pin connector for older iPhones or lightning port for the iPhone 5. The ChargeCard plugs into any USB power source, charging your phone without the tangled mess of a USB cord.