Lily Robotics has unveiled Lily Camera, a self-flying drone designed to autonomously track and record its owner. Once it's thrown into the air it begins automatically following and recording its target, which is anyone in possession of the accompanying GPS tracking device. Its camera captures 1080/60p HD video and 12MP stills, and the device itself is waterproof to 1 meter underwater. 

A companion app offers some control over Lily's in-flight behavior and shot composition, but the drone flies itself without input from a pilot on the ground. Its non-removable battery is good for around 20 minutes of flying time, and requires about two hours to fully recharge. It maintains a minimum altitude of 5 ft / 1.75m in flight, and doesn't exceed 50 ft / 15m. 

Lily Robotics was born in UC Berkeley's robotics labs, and has to date raised $1 million in venture capital. The camera is available internationally for pre-order now for $499 USD. Once it comes to market, the price jumps up to $999. We've asked Lily for an estimate on shipping dates and will update this story with that information, and we're looking forward to trying out the camera once it ships.