After some 430,000 messages we've finally reached the stage at which we need to introduce registration for posting our forums. However, as I am a strong believer in successful forums allowing open posting our implementation is less restrictive. If you register you are protecting your identity and email address from misuse, you will also gain access to some new and advanced features of the forums (more of which to come). We will still allow unregistered posts (in the medium term).

Some FAQ (already!)

Do I have to register to use the forums?

No, we still allow anonymous posting. However, we encourage people to do so, it protects your email address from misuse by others, it also "ties" and protects your posting history.

Why have you introduced registration?

Managing 1,500+ anonymous messages per day is a headache, having registration helps to identify the "regular posters" and the anonymous messages. Registration also allows the forums system to be absolutely sure of your identity.

What will happen to anonymous posters?

See answer one. But also, soon anonymous users who post pictures won't have them automatically displayed, this is to protect our forums from some of the filth which has recently been posted.

What can I do as a registered poster that I can't already?

Registered users get to edit their profile, they can easily change their display name, email address, they can also enter extended information such as location and profession (displayed in the posters profile). Messages posted by registered users also carry the new "REGISTERED" tag to confirm their authenticity.

What will this mean to the future of the forums system?

I'm a strong believer in anonymous posting, so that will stay. Registered users will have access to new features we should be bringing online over the next few months.

Do I / Will I have to pay?

No, the forums are free and will always be fre.

Click here to register for the forums
(existing posters please use your normal email address)