Canon has today posted firmware version for the PowerShot Pro 1. The new firmware improves the AF speed, incorporates a specification change for the way the images are displayed in continuous AF mode and improves the responsiveness of the zoom ring. Continuous AF is around 30% faster while single AF is twice as fast.

Click here to download PowerShot Pro 1 firmware

Release notes:

PowerShot Pro 1 firmware update version

How can I tell if I need to update to firmware version on my camera?

You can confirm whether your camera has the latest firmware as follows.
Type your camera's serial number into the serial number field on the download page and click the Send button. If your camera requires a firmware update, the firmware download page will appear.

Tell me more about the AF speed improvements.

Continuous AF -- Approximately 30% faster
Single AF -- Approximately twice as fast

Tell me more about the changes in the way images are displayed in Continuous AF Mode.

The changes make it possible to check the subject's movement on the LCD monitor or through the viewfinder even when the shutter button is half-pressed.

Tell me more about the zoom ring responsiveness improvements.

Improvements in the zoom drive algorithm have made the zoom drive smoother, which makes it possible to quickly zoom from wide-angle to telephoto with a single touch.