Rokinon has announced the T-S 24mm F3.5, a wideangle perspective control lens, for release in May 2013. Rokinon rebadges and distributes Samyang lenses for the US market, and this lens first appeared at Photokina 2012 as the Samyang T-S 24mm 1:3.5 ED AS UMC, but without a specific date for launch. The lens features manual focus and aperture setting, offers up to 12mm of shift and 8.5° of tilt, and is designed for full frame cameras. It'll initially be available in Canon, Nikon and Sony mounts, at an RRP of $1299.99.

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Press Release:

Elite Brands, Inc. Announces Rokinon’s Newest T-S 24mm F3.5

Rokinon is proud to announce the release of its 24mm F3.5 Tilt-Shift lens in May, 2013. The Rokinon T-S 24mm is a wide-angle, full-frame lens that has tilt shift movements, allowing its user to have advanced control over perspective and depth of field.  It will be available for Canon, Nikon and Sony Alpha mounts to start.

This lens was developed with extensive flexibility and a unique optical form, making it ideal for shooting architecture and landscapes. The T-S 24mm F3.5 lens allows up to a 12mm shift with a 8.5 degree tilt. Relative to the lens mount, this 24mm can be shifted up to 90 degrees, granting a broad tilt to meet the photographer's creative desires.

This manual focus 24mm lens features a fixed focal length with an aperture range of f/3.5-22. This lens is suitable primarily for full-frame cameras but will work just as well with an APS-C crop sensor.  Construction is solid, using 16 optical elements in 11 groups with 2 aspherical lenses.

Rokinon T-S 24mm 1:3.5 specifications