We've been contacted by Epson who've let us know that the article we ran below is slightly inaccurate (and that their own site isn't particularly helpful). Downloading and installing the PIM drivers for your printer won't on its own give you colour matching with images created by PIM cameras. You still need to use THEIR OWN proprietary application (which you have to order) before you can get PIM matched colour. Makes you wonder what ever was wrong with ICC, why do we need a new standard like PIM which just makes things more confusing, narrow and proprietary? Now everyone is relying on Epson (who themselves admit confusion).

Editorial: Why on earth couldn't the digital camera manufacturers just get together and agree on a standard colour profile? Or better still simply give users a menu option selection of two or three colour space outputs? It could default to sRGB for the point-and-shooter's but still offer wider gamut colour spaces to those of us who want it. I'm not sold on PIM nor the idea that I have to use Epson's proprietary software to print my images, and where are the other PIM compatible printers? -Phil

So, if you have one of the Epson Stylus Photo printers and have installed your PIM drivers in the hope of getting PIM matched colour you now need to call Epson to get a copy of the software on CD-ROM, to quote Epson: "..the updated version of Film Factory, which can't be posted on the web (since it's a software program)."

In the UK EPSON "Film Factory" is called "PhotoQuicker 3"