Netflix has had an Instagram account for a couple of years now, though it has never been exceptionally active and only occasionally notable. The entertainment service is looking to soon change that, however, by hiring a trio of Instagrammers who will travel the country snapping photos.

The announcement was made in the form of a job advertisement in which Netflix revealed it is looking for three "Grammasters" who will work under the role for a total of two weeks. During that time, the Grammasters will be sent across the country to iconic movie and TV locations (and possibly active filming sets) to take photos for the company's Instagram account.

In addition to all-expenses-paid travel, the Grammasters will be paid $2,000 weekly. To apply for one of the roles, Instagram users are asked to tag their three favorite photos on the service with #Grammaster. Those awarded the roles, according to the Terms and Conditions, may also have their likeness and personal information used in advertising, publicity, and more. Interested in applying? Head over to Netflix's Grammaster site and read the full terms.