In this revealing video, South African photographer David Goldblatt shares insights into his five-decade long career in photography and how he balanced the needs of his creative spirit with the clients he's worked with.

Goldblatt has photographed everyone from Nelson Mandela to divorced housewives, and is especially noted for his stark portrayal of South Africa during Apartheid years. In a presentation at the 2014 Indaba Conference, Goldblatt talks about the challenge of managing the difference between his corporate work and his personal work.  

'I learnt quite early on that if I was working on a commission my duty was to do photographs that would meet the needs of the client', he says. 'If I was doing my own work, it was what was in my head. Quite often that was difficult to reconcile because I would get assignments, perhaps from magazine, which were close to the things that were important to me but that did not mean I was free to do whatever I liked'.

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What do you think about his thoughts on separating personal and client work?