Kodak today announced three new EASYSHARE digital cameras along with an HDTV-capable EASYSHARE Dock. The V1253 and V1233 share 12 megapixel sensors and 3x SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH lenses with the V1253 getting a larger 3.1" screen versus the V1233's 2.5". Both shoot 720p video and 16:9 stills and feature face-detection and digital image-stabilization. The Z812 IS meanwhile has optical image-stabilization to go with its 8 megapixels and 12x zoom range. Kodaks new HDTV Dock explains itself really. The cameras will be available from September 2007 with the dock following a month later in October.

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Kodak Looks Beyond The Click

Kodak expands the post capture experience with new suite of HD products - three new KODAK EASYSHARE High Definition Digital Cameras and KODAK EASYSHARE HDTV Dock

BERLIN, GERMANY August 30 – Eastman Kodak Company (NYSE:EK) today unveiled a raft of new products aimed at giving consumers even more opportunities to see their pictures differently and do more with them. With this new range, Kodak is delivering an easy solution for consumers to capture and display High Definition (HD) pictures on vibrant, wide-screen HDTVs making the viewing and sharing of images in the home more seamless and enjoyable than ever before.

Harnessing the latest digital technology, Kodak has developed three new digital cameras with HD still and video capabilities, the KODAK EASYSHARE V1233, V1253 and Z812 IS models and the intuitive KODAK EASYSHARE HDTV dock which will enable consumers to display HD images on an HD television.

Demand for display
The phenomenal growth of photo sharing services, such as Kodak Gallery, social networking sites and instant messenger applications has created a massive appetite for displaying photography. Combined with this, the emergence of trends such as citizen photography has prompted consumers to look for other avenues to display their pictures and videos. With the introduction of HD to its digital capture and display devices, Kodak is enabling people to display personal photos and videos with incredible image clarity and sharpness anywhere in the home – whether on HDTVs or digital picture frames.

“At Kodak, we see that consumers are embracing the photography experience, capturing, sharing and displaying, like never before. From printing to personalizing gifts to sharing pictures and videos online, consumers are increasingly inventive with their images and the growth of digital media has fed a sense of pride in our photography – we want to show it off,” said John O’Grady, Kodak’s Managing Director, Consumer Businesses, European, African & Middle Eastern Region. “The products announced today represent an important step in helping progress how images can be taken, viewed and shared, and Kodak is dedicated to supporting innovation that will continue to bring intelligent, easy-to-use HD solutions to the market.”

KODAK EASYSHARE V1253 and V1233 Zoom Digital Cameras

The KODAK EASYSHARE V1253 and V1233 zoom digital cameras allow consumers to capture HD still images (16:9 aspect ratio) and video (720p at 30fps), while offering a sleek design and simple-to-use controls. Equipped with 12MP resolution, a 3X SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH optical zoom lens and KODAK PERFECT TOUCH technology, these cameras provide exceptional image quality for every shot.

Both the V1253 and V1233 models boast Face Detection Technology, which automatically adjusts the camera’s settings for outstanding portrait shots, and Digital Image Stabilization to reduce blur caused by camera shake or subject movement. Images can be instantly viewed in 16:9 aspect ratio on the large 3.1-inch LCD screen of V1253 and the 2.5-inch LCD screen on the V1233.

KODAK EASYSHARE Z812 IS Zoom Digital Camera

The high-zoom KODAK EASYSHARE Z812 IS Camera has an impressive feature set and intuitive controls, perfect for the aspiring photographer who wants an easy-to-use camera that delivers great pictures with every shot. With 8MP resolution and an incredible SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH 12x optical zoom lens, the Z812 IS captures HD still images (16:9 aspect ratio) and video (720p at 30fps), as well as the ability to extract still images from videos. The camera’s click-to-capture (.23), auto-focus accuracy, Optical Image Stabilization and High ISO settings (up to 3200) allow consumers to capture brighter, clearer shots in low-light or fast-action situations.

The Z812 IS also features Face Detection Technology, and its Smart Scene Mode will automatically adjust the camera’s settings depending on the type of scene it detects. For consumers who wish to have more control over the composition of their shots, aperture and shutter speed can be manually selected and the electronic viewfinder can be activated instead of the 2.5-inch LCD screen. The KODAK EASYSHARE Z812 IS Camera features KODAK PERFECT TOUCH technology so every image can look its best.


The KODAK EASYSHARE HDTV Dock connects to your HDTV to process pictures from KODAK HD-enabled digital cameras, SD memory cards or USB drives to deliver an outstanding visual experience to share with family and friends. The launch of the HDTV Dock, not only makes viewing images in HD possible, but also makes it easy.

Using the remote control feature on the HDTV Dock enables consumers to manage their digital pictures while relaxing on the living room sofa. The HDTV Dock makes it effortless to enjoy a full HD-quality slideshow, edit individual images, transfer images to a USB drive, or even print images to a connected printer. Along with being backward compatible with many KODAK EASYSHARE digital cameras, the HDTV Dock automatically charges the rechargeable battery so the camera is ready whenever needed.

Pricing and Availability

The KODAK EASYSHARE V1253 (€299), V1233 (€249), and Z812 IS Cameras (€299) will be available from September 2007. The KODAK EASYSHARE HDTV Dock will be available from October 2007 for €99.