The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has already closed its doors but we have still discovered an announcement that slipped through the net during the event. Polaroid has announced the iZone camera, an 'extension camera' for your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet that works in a very similar way to Sony's QX lens modules or Kodak's PixPro Smart Lenses. The iZone connects to your mobile device via NFC and/or WiFi and uses the camera's touch screen as a control interface and viewfinder. 

At only 2 inches square the iZone is fairly compact and offers a tripod mount. In terms of imaging specs it has an 18MP sensor and 8x zoom lens. Unfortunately Polaroid has not given any information about sensor size and exact zoom range. The camera comes with a measly 32MB onboard-memory but the idea is to save images directly to a smartphone where they can be easily edited and shared. However, the iZone also works as a stand-alone camera, albeit one without a screen and controls. Even without a phone connected, it's still possible to record images, which can be reviewed after transferring them to a computer or smart device via microUSB-cable. 

Polaroid is not much more than a licensing company these days and the iZone is produced by Sakar, which is also the parent company to the Vivitar brand. The Polaroid iZone camera is expected to hit stores this spring and will set you back $179.99.

Source: Polaroid