Good news for the Memory Stick, Lexar are now shipping their own branded Memory Stick in capacities of 16, 32 and 64MB. Earlier in the year we reported of Sony's investment in Lexar and the technology exchange agreed between the two companies including Lexar's high speed flash memory controller, although we're not seeing that technology in this range of Memory Sticks I'm sure it's not far around the corner.

Lexar press release:


Lexar Is First Licensee to Ship Memory Stick Products Under Lexar Brand; Company Offers Full Line of Industry-Standard Digital Film Products and Services

PC EXPO, NEW YORK, June 27, 2000 - In a move to broaden its offering of industry-standard digital film products, Lexar Media, Inc. today announced it is shipping Lexar-branded Memory Stick digital film to its retail and distribution channels in the US and Europe. Lexar Memory Stick ® storage products are available in 16, 32 and 64MB capacities with list prices starting at US$59. Lexar is the first Sony licensee to offer Memory Stick products.

"As Memory Stick media devices proliferate, we expect the demand for Memory Stick storage products to skyrocket," said Mark Viken, President of Sony Electronics' Personal Network Solutions Company. "Lexar's focus on the digital photography market helps to ensure that Memory Stick media will be available in the channels and retail outlets where photographers shop."

"With the Lexar Memory Stick, we now offer an entire line of digital film products that are designed meet the stringent needs of digital photographers," said Eric Stang, Chief Operating Officer, Lexar Media. "And in the interest in making the Memory Stick media an open standard that is widely accepted, Lexar is proud to be a viable and competitive alternate source."

Memory Stick media is an ultra-small, large-capacity storage device designed to link a host of different digital products by capturing and sharing digital content including images, music files or data. Lexar received a license to manufacture and market Memory Stick media from Sony Corporation. The two companies are jointly developing a high-speed Memory Stick using Lexar's controller technology with the goal of improving the read/write speed of the Memory Stick media to transfer 64MB of data in less than ten seconds. High-speed Memory Stick products will be backward compatible with current Memory Stick storage products and are slated for introduction in 2001.

Lexar currently offers a wide range of industry-standard digital film products that include USB-enabled CompactFlashTM, SmartMediaTM and PC Cards. Lexar designs and markets its cards for the digital photography market. Its award-winning USB-enabled CompactFlash digital film cards are known for their fast write speeds and convenient method of transferring photographic images to the computer.