A new platform called Defrozo has launched on Kickstarter. Currently in beta, it offers photographers various online services needed to market and run a photography business, including an online store through which customers can purchase prints and a website to showcase one's own work. When it fully launches in October, Defrozo will offer free and paid subscription options.

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Defrozo aims to simplify the online marketing and administrative aspects of a photography business by serving as a single-login destination through which multiple services are offered alongside a simplified drag-and-drop interface. Users can manage their schedule from within the system, create a portfolio website, set up an online store through which prints can be purchased, store a media library of images, and more.

The free version of the service will feature all of the tools offered by Defrozo's platform. Upgrading to the $29/month 'Pro' version will bring some additional storage and customization options, while the $49/month 'Ultimate' version will further increase the storage and customization options. Only those who back the campaign can access the Ultimate subscription plan, however, at least at this point in the platform’s development process.

The creator behind Defrozo is seeking $50,000 USD in crowdsourced funding to fully launch the service. So far approximately $11,700 USD has been raised, with 28 days remaining in the campaign. A pledge of $15 USD will get the backer half a year of 'Ultimate' account access for free. Access for backers is estimated to start in October.

Press release:

Defrozo Photography Business Software Gets Support on Kickstarter, Raises Over $10,000 on Day 2 

March 18, 2015

Brooklyn, NY: Defrozo is a new software platform aiming to be the one-stop marketing tool for photographers available for free. Currently running on Kickstarter, the project has already raised over 20% of its goal in less than two days of the campaign. 

A pledge of $10,000 was made by Defrozo’s newly gained partner, the famous web template provider TemplateMonster.com. “We’re extremely proud to have Template Monster on our official partner list”, commented the founder of Defrozo, Demetrio Fortman. “This alliance will result in a rich selection of the top-quality website themes available for Defrozo users.”

Headed by the founder of well-known Moto CMS Demetrio Fortman, the developers of Defrozo are shooting the moon with the goal to combine an image hosting, website management, CRM, ecommerce, and workflow organization tools in the integrated WordPress-based platform, for free. Premium packages will also be available for those who require more storage space and advanced customization options. 

Released as public Beta in June 2014, Defrozo member base counts over 2000 users as of today, including both enthusiasts photographers and professionals from around the world. The full-featured version is promised to be delivered by the mid-Fall 2015, with Google eco system integration and plugins for popular photo editing programs like Lightroom and Aperture to follow. 

By pledging $15 and more, Defrozo’s backers receive significant discounts on the premium subscription plans, as well as private access to the highest-level package during the entire development time. “On Kickstarter we seek contributors, make-it-happeners, we’re not just there for pre-orders,” Demetrio explained. 

With such rivals as PhotoShelter, Zenfolio, and ShootQ, Defrozo is swimming into the “red corner” of the photography software market. However, the interest of TemplateMonster, as well as the creators’ commitment to community-driven product hints at Defrozo’s decent potential for both consumers and investors.