An IndieGoGo project called FlashQ seeks to make wireless flash triggers small in size and stylish to look at. The FlashQ is a 2.4Ghz wireless trigger and receiver system that mounts to a camera’s hotshoe and a flash’s hotshoe adapter. The compact device is aimed at owners of mirrorless cameras and other small camera bodies.  

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The FlashQ has two buttons and a single tricolor LED to control all of its functionality, and uses automatic channel selection to quickly pair up to eight receivers at a time, allowing for multiple flash solutions. There’s even a output connector that allows the device to trigger a flash or even a strobe pack over PC connector. 

Thanks to the use of radio spectrum instead of infrared (as is the standard on many manufacturer specific wireless flash systems) the devices don't require line-of-sight to trigger properly. There are limits though - the FlashQ doesn't support TTL functionality and sync speed is limited to 1/250 sec. 

For a $39 pledge backers will receive one transmitter and one receiver in a choice of colors, $55 gets one transmitter and two receivers and a $125 option is available whereby the company will inscribe the device with the customer’s signature. 

As of this writing the project has received nearly 90% of its funding goal of $25,000. Check out FlashQ's IndieGoGo page to learn more.