<strong>Hands-on with the Zeiss ZX1</strong>
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Hands-on with the Zeiss ZX1

We've seen Android-based cameras before, we've seen primarily touchscreen-based cameras before and we've seen full frame compacts with built-in 35mm lenses, but we've never seen anything that combines them, which is essentially what Zeiss's ZX1 does.

Zeiss's first entry into the digital camera market has echoes of the touchscreen-based Leica TL, it also can't help but conjure-up thoughts of Sony's RX1 cameras, which are also built around 35mm F2 lenses on full frame chips. What it doesn't feel like, though, are Samsung's erstwhile Android-based Galaxy cameras or Nikon's Coolpix S800c, which felt like smartphones with a lens glued onto the front.

We got the chance to handle and explore a pre-production ZX1 at CP+ in Yokohama. Zeiss isn't yet giving a release date for the ZX1 so it's difficult to know how close to finished it is, but the camera seemed stable and to have most features in place, so we can at least describe how it's going to work.