So we've tried the traditional route, we have contacted this site on numerous occassions to point out their obvious violation of our copyright (and that of other digital camera sites) but to no avail. The legal route is still open but fraught with problems. One option always available to us is to shame such websites and hope that they will see the errors of their ways. This site mixes some original content with stolen images and translated text which it then publishes as its own original work.

Phil: For the record I have personally contacted this site several times over the last year. Recently however they have taken to copying almost every original article posted here along with product photography, samples galleries, translations of our specification tables, review analysis and more. They have never responded to our emails and have continued to copy material. Images from my Sony DSC-V3 preview posted just this morning have already been copied and posted on

UPDATE: 31/Aug/2004:

After an email exchange with the Editor of we have been assured that the illegally copied content will be removed. In addition pconline has posted a public apology on its news page (click here). As soon as ALL of our content (not just the snippets below) has been removed from the website we will remove this news article. But let this be a warning to any other sites considering using our content.

Examples of copyright violation

Note that the list below is just a small selection of some of the material copied.

Articles on Taken from
(11 pages including samples gallery)
(Canon G6 preview)
(1 page comparison table)
(Canon G6 preview)
(6 pages)
(A95 gallery)
(2 pages)
(S70 gallery)
(9 pages)
(A85 review)
(3 pages, mixture of sony pr images and our own)
(sony news & preview)
(23 pages including samples, comparisons)
(kodak slr/c review)
(10 pages)
(fz20 & fz3 previews)
(2 pages, note the scrubbed out copyright messages)
(sony dsc-f88 hands-on)
(1 page)
(pentax *ist d review)
(1 page)
(pma 2004 report)
(2 pages)
(pma 2004 report)
(2 pages)
(polaroid x530 hands-on)

In addition most of the spec sheets used in their news articles are copied from ours, we can't claim original copyright on that as they are specs provided by manufacturers but the layout, order and detail of their spec tables are identical to ours.