In Canada at least... Canon has appeared to raise the stakes in the big Nikon vs. Canon poker game. We've just received word from a reliable Canadian source that the list price for the Canon EOS-D60 within Canada will be $3,500 CDN (exc. Taxes). This works out at about US$2,200 which is clearly a lot lower than the $2,999 quoted in the original Canon USA press release. If accurate and if these prices can be reflected elsewhere in the world this will certainly put a lot of pressure on Nikon and their pricing of the D100 (which is rumoured to be 'well below US$3,000').

UPDATE: We now have a receipt from one of our Candadian readers who yesterday pre-ordered a D60 at $3,500 CDN.

UPDATE (7/Mar/02): We've just received word from a UK reseller that the UK RRP has been set as "around £2200 including VAT". UK VAT (value added tax) is 17.5% so this works out at about US$2670 excluding taxes.