GoPro has been granted a patent for a small square camera housing, which eschews the rectangular shape its cameras have taken thus far in favor of something resembling the Polaroid Cube. According to the patent, which was recently published by the USPTO, the square design would allow for additional mounting options, with every orientation being the same.

The patent was filed on January 4, 2014, and details a camera housing with four sides that are the same size to allow for 'a plurality of orientations relative to the housing body'. The openings on the camera will be designed to accommodate all of those possible orientations; a button is positioned on the side opposite the lens, and there's a small display.

The square camera featured in the patent would be an action camera akin to the current GoPro lineup, according to the patent, being tailored for use in outdoor adventures like snowboarding and biking, among other things. The existence of a patent does not guarantee that the product will enter production, however, and a GoPro spokesperson has confirmed that there are no new product announcements at the moment. The spokesperson also said the square camera design has been in the works since 2011.