Digital Outback Photography has published the Lightroom 4 Artistry: Develop by Bettina and Uwe Steinmueller. The 90-page e-book comes in the form of a printable PDF and covers the tools in the Develop module of the latest version of Lightroom. This includes a look at the Highlights and Shadows tools introduced with Adobe's 'Process Version 2012.' The e-book is available directly from the company at a discounted introductory price of $16.95.

Press Release

Lightroom 4 Artistry: Develop

Using the Develop Module for Color Images

  • Get the optimal image quality out of Lightroom 4 Develop (color images)
  • Learn the power of the new Process 2012 (e.g. Highlights and Shadows)
  • Real world sample image workflow
  • Optional original DNG image download of the sample images (extra fee)
  • Learn about Gradient Filter and Adjustment Brush
  • Use Sync, Snapshots and Virtual Copies
  • Utilize the Lightroom Presets
  • 90 Pages PDF (excellent also on iPads)

More info can be found here (including the full table of content):

Pricing: $16.95 intro price (regular $19.95)

Contact: Digital Outback Photo
Uwe Steinmueller (Editor) /