Konica Minolta has released new firmware for its DiMAGE A2 digital camera. Version 1.12 applies several improvements including LCD brightness while using Flex Digital Magnifier, focusing at a specific zoom range and with Flex Focus Point, improved flash metering, EVF timing functionality, improved support for add-on lenses. This firmware can be downloaded and installed by users of the camera by simply placing the firmware update file on a Compact Flash card or transfering it via USB directly to the camera.

Click here for the DiMAGE A2 Firmware download page

Firmware notes:

DiMAGE A2 Firmware Update V 1.12

Important Note: Please read carefully the DiMAGE A2 firmware update PDF for detailed instructions on how to update the cameras firmware!


  1. Improved the symptom that visibility of LCD decreases depending on the subject brightness while using the Flex Digital Magnifier function.
  2. Improved the symptom that LCD turns off or the camera cannot focus on the high brightness subject with the Flex Focus Point at the focal length of 100mm.
  3. Improved the flash metering accuracy.
  4. Changed the viewfinder operation from the viewfinder turns off immediately after leaving the eye to it remains 10 sec. when the display mode switch is at EVF.

* This firmware supports Telephoto Converter ACT-100, Wide-angle Converter ACW-100, and DiMAGE Capture DCA-200, and updating to this firmware is recommended for the users of these accessories.