FotoTime just released FotoAlbum version 1.12, which organizes and shares your pictures. FotoAlbum 1.12, FotoTime's free image organizer, has a host of new features including new camera driver support for the QV3000, the ability to create an archive CD of your pictures, and support for printing on non-standard papers including European and Asian formats. In addition, they also have reduced print prices for prints ordered from the FotoTime photo sharing site!

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FotoAlbum 1.12- click to download (3495 KB)

  • Ability to create a CD image for easy archiving of your pictures to CD.
  • Casio camera driver for QV3000 .
  • Camera driver for cameras that interface with Windows by creating a virtual drive (drive letter) within explorer.
  • New preferences for slideshow screen to set background color, hide toolbar, or hide picture captions.
  • Preference to make albums non-recursive. (Only show pictures in currently selected group/album).
  • Added "Extra-Large" display option for thumbnails.
  • Support for all paper sizes when printing including Asian and European sizes when printing to your own printer.
  • Selection of pictures now works like Windows Explorer (click, shift-click, ctrl-click).
  • Faster start up time.

FotoTime Web Site

  • Reduced prices for prints
    • 4x6 - $0.49
    • 5x7 - $0.99
    • 8x10 - $2.99
  • Added new $3.00 shipping option when ordering prints using standard US mail.
  • AccuPrint processing insures the highest quality prints available from digital images.
  • Better support for AOL and other non-html e-mail clients for all e-mail sent from FotoTime.
  • Web has support for same non-recursive option for picture display as FotoAlbum.
  • Improved web printing. Both the ActiveX and Netscape print controls now support all paper sizes (originally supported only letter). Also works better with non-standard proxy servers when downloading pictures to print.