We know how important sharing images is to our forum users, so we're really pleased to launch the latest enhancement to our forum software. The screenshots below should explain what it does (and you can of course just play around with it yourselves). The key differences are related to how we deal with larger images.

Images within posts are presented exactly as they before. If the original image is smaller than 560 pixels we'll use the original size, if it's larger we'll scale it down. Click on an image to launch the new viewer.
The image will now open in the new viewer, which fills the current window. Again we'll only downsize images that are larger than your browser window - we don't upscale.
If there's more than one image in the post, use the overlaid arrows (or left and right arrow keys) to cycle through them. There are two viewing options. The image will open in 'fit to screen' mode. Click on '1:1 View 100%' to see the original, pixel-for-pixel.
At the bottom right hand corner of the window you'll see the current scaling. 100% means no scaling (the original pixels). When you're viewing at any scale smaller than 100% you can activate the loupe tool.
The loupe displays pixel-for-pixel 100% view of the original image. You can click anywhere in the image or just drag the window around.

To get out of the image viewer click outside the window, click the close box (top right) or just press escape.