Fujifilm has announced a firmware update for three of its X-Series camera, allowing them to print images instantly from the instax Share SP-1 printer. The Fujifilm XQ1, X-M1 and X-A1 cameras updated with the new firmware will be able to send photos directly to the compact instax printer, rather than by way of a mobile device as is currently the case.

Fujifilm also reiterated its plans to increase the number of cameras that can print to the instax Share Smartphone Printer. 

According to Fujifilm the firmware will be available from 'Late June 2014'.

Press release:

Fujifilm launches new firmware for three X-Series cameras that makes on-the-spot instax printing possible with the instax SHARE Smartphone Printer SP-1

FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Shigehiro Nakajima) will launch a new firmware for digital cameras in late June that makes it possible to send images via WiFi to an instax SHARE Smartphone Printer SP-1 for instax instant film prints. The firmware is designed for three X-Series cameras: the FUJIFILM XQ1 (a premium compact camera), the FUJIFILM X-M1 and the FUJIFILM X-A1 (APS-C sized sensor mirrorless cameras).

With the compact instax SHARE Smartphone Printer SP-1, it is easy and fast to make on-the-spot instax prints of photos taken with a smartphone. Install the Fujifilm Instax Share app on your smartphone, and then send your images via a wireless LAN connection to the SP-1 to print instax photos.

Ever since its launch in February 2014, users have loved making fun and unique prints, and especially enjoyed a diverse lineup of templates and image editing functions. Many people wanted to send their digital camera photos directly to an instax printer for instant printing, and now Fujifilm is proud to offer this feature for photo enthusiasts that use an XQ1, X-M1 or X-A1 digital camera.

By updating to this latest firmware, users can easily send digital camera photos directly to the instax SHARE Smartphone Printer SP-1 for great quality prints of their family, friends, pets and more, even if they are fast moving. Additionally, portrait images are produced with a pleasant out-of-focus background for amazing one-of-a-kind instant prints - perfect for home decor.

Fujifilm will continue to expand its lineup of digital cameras that support the instax SHARE Smartphone Printer for people to enjoy the instax instant photo print system. We are committed to enhancing the enjoyment of photography worldwide, and want all users to experience the gratification of taking, giving and preserving pictures with their family and friends.

1. Scheduled release date of the firmware

Late June 2014

2. Firmware version

(1) FUJIFILM XQ1: Ver. 1.20
(2) FUJIFILM X-M1:Ver. 1.20
(3) FUJIFILM X-A1:Ver. 1.20

3. Firmware download


4. Fujifilm instax SHARE Smartphone Printer SP-1

(1) Product name: Fujifilm instax SHARE Smartphone Printer SP-1
(2) Main Features:

  1. Shoot, Send, Print in 3 easy steps.
  2. Easy and quick wireless smartphone photo printing via the proprietary Fujifilm Instax Share app
  3. High quality images similar to silver halide prints
  4. Easy creation of copies with the REPRINT button < Available only for smartphone photos (Not available through this firmware release) >
  5. The proprietary Fujifilm Instax Share app offers various templates that make photo printing more enjoyable 

- Real Time Template
The date/time, place, weather, temperature and humidity are printed with the image. This template is suitable for enjoying travel photos and keeping a record of special events, such as your children’s milestones.

- Limited Edition Template Each print is marked with a serial number like a limited item. A memory shared with people you cherish will be even more precious. This template is recommended for the photos taken at parties and other events where many people gather.

- SNS Template Template suitable for printing the images uploaded to SNS. With the profile photo and the number of likes indicated, the print offers great fun in tandem with SNS.

- Square Template(Image only, Text and Image) Template that fits the photo cropped into a square. It is possible to write your comments and messages to make the memory more personal and vivid.

- Seasonal Templates Different designs to fit the occasion, whether Mother’s Day, a birthday, a greeting to mark the season, and thoughts including, "Best wishes!" More special Seasonal Templates are scheduled to be added on a regular basis.