The Z-mount
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The Z-mount

The Z-mount is the widest 35mm standard lens mount in existence, at 55mm. Nikon claims that this enables lenses with maximum apertures as wide as 0.95 without significant vignetting, which means twice as much light as the F mount can allow. Because the Z-mount is designed from the ground up for mirrorless cameras, the interface is entirely electronic, and the flange-back distance is only 16mm: 2mm shorter than Sony'e E Mount.

This - plus the wide diameter of the lens throat - should make the Z-mount the most versatile lens mount on the market when it comes to adapting lenses from other systems - as well as potentially opening the door to high-quality, super-compact Z-mount wide-angle lenses in the future.

The wide throat should give Nikon's designers and engineers plenty of flexibility, since it essentially moves the outer edges of the mount out of the sensor's field-of-view. This should not only remove constraints on lens design but also allow plenty of room for sensor movement for image stabilization, for instance.

The 55mm diameter is, noticeably, the exact diameter of a 44 x 33mm medium format sensor, but that tight fit would end up re-imposing exactly the design constraints the Z-mount avoids.