Both Nikon and Canon have recently posted new drivers for their digital cameras. First of all Nikon have posted Nikon View 3.1.1 which now supports Windows ME / 2000 / 95 / 98 / NT4.0 and Mac for the Coolpix 900 / 900s / 700 / 800 / 880 / 950 and 990. Canon Japan have posted Japanese Language drivers v3.4.0 for their entire range of digital cameras (Note: this is the same version shipped with the G1 and EOS-D30), English v3.4.0 drivers available.

Nikon-Tech USA Nikon View 3.1.1 (USA)

Nikon Europe Nikon View 3.1.1 (Europe/SE Asia)

Nikon Japan Drivers & Nikon View 3.1.1 (Japanese only)

Canon Europe v3.4.0 drivers

Canon Japan v3.4.0 drivers (Japanese only)

Interesting note: the Canon Europe drivers marked "via Card Reader" (actually RS-232C drivers) will allow you to install the TWAIN driver for the EOS-D30 and G1 without having the camera attached. This would enable you to process Canon RAW (.CRW) files without the camera!