Slightly pre-empting a second look at the G1 by our new contributing editor Neil Turner, one of the images he shot during his short loan of the G1 will be in print in tomorrows "The Times Higher Education Supplement" (UK). Neil, a pro photographer for 13 years, currently shoots Kodak DCS 520's for THES. We've invited him to provide a pro photographers "second opinion" in several of our reviews, the first of which, his look at the G1 will be published tomorrow. We certainly weren't expecting to see a G1 photograph in print, but it just goes to show that even a prosumer digital can sometimes deliver the goods and that it's often not the camera but the photographer.

Neil said, "Tomorrows Times Higher Education Supplement has a picture shot on the G1 in Oxford on page 7. Can we claim this as a first? It just further reinforces what we have both said about the G1 - that under the right circumstances this can be a useful tool for a professional to have in his bag."

Look out for Neil's "second opinion" in our G1 review (update due tomorrow).

You can check out more of Neil's work at his website: