Thanks to forums poster Paul Van Dragt for spotting that Kodak have just released new firmware (3.2.3) for the DCS330. The new firmware includes better storage card compatibility, external GPS support, multiple custom white balances and better IEEE 1394 support. The DCS330 is an interesting camera, 3 megapixels, supports Nikon F-mount, priced similarly to the S1 Pro & EOS-D30 with quality Kodak software and support behind it, downside... 1.9 x focal length multiplier.

Click here for Kodak DCS Firmware and Host Software download page

Here's a run down of this firmware update:

New features

  • Enhanced storage card compatibility.
  • Remote File Transmission directly from the DCS camera. (A key must be purchased from Kodak to enable this feature.)
  • External GPS support (Garmin GPS III plus via DCS camera serial port).
  • Additional features supported via serial port. *See the DCS User Guide for more information.
  • Image output resolution can now be preset in camera.
  • Multiple Custom White Balance files can now be saved in camera memory from the camera.
  • Enhanced 1394 support. *See the DCS Host Software Readme for more details.
  • General firmware improvements.

Known Anomalies

  • This firmware is not compatible with Adobe PhotoShop version 3.0.5 or older.
  • Sony Memory Sticks require extended time to complete "Full format".
  • Never insert Two Cards simultaneously. Insert one, wait for LED to stop blinking, then insert the second card.
  • Never insert or remove any cards while the red LED or the Card Icon is blinking.
  • Some Nikkor AF-S lenses may not work properly on a DCS 330.
  • Certain setting combinations using Image Processing and Transmission may be incompatible.
  • If the camera is powered on with room for only few images while the shutter button is depressed, it is possible the camera will fill the card and continue shooting beyond the remaining card capacity until the memory buffer is full. If this occurs, without powering off the camera, remove the current card and insert a card with adequate space in the same slot. Select Retry for each image and they will be saved on the new card.

Firmware Dependencies and Issues

  • If you upgrade to firmware version 3.2.3, you will not be able to return to any version of firmware prior to version 3.0.
  • This firmware version 3.2.3 requires the use of DCS Host Software Version 5.9.3 or newer.
  • This firmware version 3.2.3 requires that third party applications be based upon DCS SDK Version 1.6.1 or newer. Please contact your third party application developer for compatibility information before upgrading to DCS camera firmware version 3.2.3.

At least Kodak are proactive at releasing firmware updates for their cameras... (hint, hint)