Really Nice Images recently launched its new photo-processing iOS app RNI Films. The app features filters based on real film stocks, bringing each film type’s “authentic character and color” to digital images. The app also features editing tools like cropping, warmth and color sliders, and social sharing features.

RNI Films is free to download, and offers extra filter packs as in-app purchases priced at $3. The filters are organized into categories based on type, such as ‘instant’, ‘negative’, and ‘vintage’. Filtered images can be further adjusted via tools like saturation, vignette, sharpen, and fade.

Really Nice Images says its app interface is 'simple, intuitive and straightforward'. The design is reminiscent of VSCO’s app, though it seems to lack the more complicated menus and narrows usage down to simple taps and swipes. Finished photographs can be saved to the mobile device or shared directly to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The app requires iOS 8.1 and higher.

Via: PetaPixel