Should you upgrade from a D700? Definitely.
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Should you upgrade from a D700? Definitely.

So you're still rocking a D700? Good for you. There's nothing wrong with that - the D700 was and remains a very capable camera. But after almost ten years, it has been bettered by several subsequent Nikon DSLRs, in several respects. Comparing the D700 to the D850 is like comparing an Apple II to a MacBook Pro. As nostalgic as I am for the older technology, if I had a job to do, I know which tool I'd rather use.

Stop reading and order a D850 now

So – assuming you have the funds, you should stop reading and order a D850 now. Just do it. Why are you still reading? Go!

I'd recommend keeping your D700 as a backup, though. And that's not just me being sentimental – these days, it might not be worth enough when traded in to make much of a difference to the upgrade cost.

Reasons to upgrade:

  • All of the reasons

Stick with your D700 if:

  • Your lucky number is 7