Should you upgrade from a D800/E? Yes.
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Should you upgrade from a D800/E? Yes.

If you skipped the D810 and still shoot with a D800 or D800E, the choice is easier. There isn't a single use case that I can think of where the D850 won't substantially outperform your camera, or at least make your life easier as a photographer.

the 4K-capable D850 is a much more attractive option for occasional video work

If you shoot landscapes, you'll get better base ISO dynamic range, less risk of mirror and shutter-induced vibration ruining your shot, and greater resolution. You'll also appreciate the backlit controls and a tilting screen. If you shoot portraits and events, the D850 will probably prove more comfortable to use, as well as offering a much improved AF system with greater coverage and an automatic fine-tuning capability. The 4K-capable D850 is also a much more attractive option for occasional video work, if required.

For sports or wildlife photography the D850's wider, better autofocus system should take your photography to another level, and the deeper buffer and maximum continuous shooting rate of up to 9 fps (with optional grip and battery) is a nice upgrade over the five year-old D800/E, too.

Reasons to upgrade:

  • More resolution
  • Better Raw dynamic range (at ISO 64)
  • Greater speed
  • Better autofocus
  • Less risk of mirror/shutter vibration
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Illuminated controls
  • 4K video.

Stick with your D800/E if:

  • You mostly shoot in a studio
  • You really need a built-in flash