A very short item this one, but I've had a rumour (and I don't normally publish unconfirmed rumours but this one is just TOO interesting). The rumour is that the D1 will indeed have an interchangeable CCD, that means that in its current configuration it'll be 2.74 megapixels. Nikon would then in the future release upgrades (probably only installable by their service centers) which would allow you to always be on the cutting edge of image resolution. If this is true it makes the D1 a very, very economical purchase and almost future-proofs it (especially if the firmware is user-upgradeable which we can assume it will be).

A move like this would make perfect sense and would give Nikon another edge over the Kodak Pro cameras which are limited to 2 megapixels for the DCS x20 series or 6 megapixels for the amazingly expensive DCS x60 series. After all the specifications of the body and processor itself are more than enough to handle larger resolutions.