Accessory grip maker Richard Franiec has created a custom grip for the Sigma DP1 Merrill and DP2 Merrill. As usual, the grip is made from anodized aluminium alloy and attached to the front of the camera using high-strength 3M double-sided tape. The grip attaches securely but can be removed if necessary. It will be available from December 2012 at a cost of $36.95 plus shipping.

Press Release:

New Sigma DP1/DP2 Merrill Custom Grip.

Driven by popular demand this grip is designed specifically for new Sigma Merrill DP compacts to address the handling concerns indicated by users.

Thanks to the grip, using and carrying DPMerrill cameras comfortably and with enhanced safety is now possible.

The finger grove of the grip was designed and tested to fit the hand in most natural way, enhancing operation of control camera functions on the fly.

An extension of the grip covers the camera’s silver logo, helping to give a stealthy appearance – the preferred look for the tool of the street shooter. A subtly engraved Sigma logo on the grip leaves no doubt as to the camera's heritage, but won't draw attention.

The CG-DPMerrill grip does not compromise compactness of the camera. It sits well below the retracted lens adding negligible weight of (around an ounce/35 grams).

The grip is individually precision 3D CNC machined from high grade aluminum alloy, glass bead blasted and black anodized with nickel seal for durability.

CG-DPM grip attaches to the camera by 3M VHB clear transfer tape known for ultimate bonding power in wide range of environments. Once mounted, the grip will become integral part of the cam, yet it can be removed without the damage to the camera or grip finish when the need arises.

Custom DP1/2Merrill grip will be available in first part of December 2012 for $36.95 plus shipping.