Mike Chaney, author of Qimage Pro has published version 1.3 of the 2001 edition. In this update he's completely rebuilt the NEF converter to provide the highest possible resolution from your Nikon D1 NEF RAW files without a hint of Moiré. "After weeks of designing and testing new interpolation algorithms, I've finally settled on a hybrid method that is capable of bringing you 1450+ lines of moiré-free resolution..."

Here's a crop of the results from our own resolution test charts converted from NEF format to JPEG using Nikon Capture v1.1, Qimage Pro v10 and Qimage Pro 2001 v1.3.
(Values are 1/100th lines per picture height, thus 10 = 1000 lines/picture height)

Nikon Capture v1.1
Qimage Pro v10
Qimage Pro 2001 v1.3

I think it's pretty clear to see that Qimage Pro's ability to resolve more detail out of a Nikon D1 NEF (RAW) is definitely there, indeed overall images are sharper and thanks to the recent implementation of ICC support more colour accurate. I personally found the default unsharpen mask a little harsh, but you can easily change that under the menu Settings -> NEF Format Options.

Click here to download Qimage Pro 2001 v1.3