Delkin showed some interesting new products - and a few familiar ones - at PMA 2008. The ImageRouter is a daisy-chainable four slot CompactFlash reader which is designed to offer the busy professional a more efficient method of transferring large amounts of data from multiple cards. The Dual Universal Charger shouldn't require much explanation; it has two charging positions and may be adapted to a plethora of different battery designs through the use of customized charging plates. The SensorScope inspection and cleaning solution gets an overhaul for 2008 and for those to whom exterior condition is as important as the image itself the Snug-it Pro camera skin range will keep easily-damaged casings from attracting knocks and scrapes. Media-wise, Delkin now has SSD (Solid State Drive) hard-drive replacements in ExpressCard 34 format and capacities of 4, 8 or 16 GB. Additionally flash media is now available in 16 GB capacity as 305x CF or Class 6 SDHC. Last but not least, there are new Pop-up LCD shades for the Canon EOS 40D.

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Press Release:

Delkin introduces innovative award winning products at PMA 2008

Poway, CA. January 30, 2008 - Delkin Devices, Inc. debuts two DIMA award winning products and seven other new products at the PMA 2008 show in Las Vegas, NV. Delkin was awarded its first DIMA award of 2008 for their new ImageRouter, a four slot CompactFlash reader that enables you to transfer images to your computer from four cards at once. The second DIMA award was given to Delkin for their innovative Dual Universal Battery Charger that charges any two batteries at the same time. Delkin introduced new products in all of its product categories from sensor cleaning, Archival Gold media, memory, power, and accessories.

“It is always exciting when you win awards for your products,” says Eric Richter, Marketing Manager. “However, our mission is to create imaginative products that make photography better. The ImageRouter and Dual Universal Charger make photography better by saving huge amounts of time in the photographer’s workflow.”

Delkin’s DIMA Award winning ImageRouter is a CompactFlash UDMA enabled card reader that offers professional photographers a complete file import system to improve workflow efficiency. ImageRouter, a four-slot, USB 2.0 CompactFlash UDMA card reader with a built-in powered hub, simultaneously transfers data from four CF cards to a PC with the optional BackupandBurn software. The ImageRouter was designed to allow for “daisy chaining” multiple units. This means that multiple ImageRouters can be connected for downloading many cards at once. The BackupandBurn software allows you to import images from multiple cards and archive them to a CD or DVD. The ImageRouter is also sold separately for use with your current file import and management system. The ImageRouter will be available in late March, 2008.

Dual Universal Charger
Delkin’s new Dual Universal Battery Charger was honored with the 2008 DIMA award for outstanding design and innovation. This unique charger for digital camera batteries combines universal compatibility among battery models with the ability to charge two batteries simultaneously. The need for a charger that can recharge two batteries of different models, voltages and even chemical composition at the same time has sprung up from the growth and development in the digital camera market. Delkin’s Dual Universal Battery Charger is a single, two sided charger that uses individual charging plates specific to each camera battery, so it can charge almost any digital camera battery model. Since Delkin’s charger and charging plates are purchased separately, each buyer can customize the charger to his or her own needs. Anyone who subsequently upgrades his or her camera equipment and needs to charge a new battery model can simply purchase the additional charging plate for a fraction of the cost of a new charger. Delkin’s Dual Universal Battery Charger is available now for $59.99 with two charging plates.

SensorScope System – New and Improved
Photography’s most acclaimed sensor cleaning kit is now better than ever! The SensorVac is sturdier & more powerful, the SensorSafe Wands are made of a more absorbent and non-fibrous material and the SensorSolution is an enhanced quick drying and more effective dust removing formula. The SensorScope, with these improvements, is by far the safest and most effective system for cleaning any digital SLR image sensor. The new and improved SensorScope system will be shipping in early March, 2008.

Snug-it Pro
Snug-it Pro camera skins provide complete protection for digital SLR cameras. Heavy duty for heavy use, they are custom molded for a glove-like fit and come with a hard plastic cover to protect the LCD. All buttons, dials, sensors and compartments are carefully molded over and around for a completely functional and rugged skin. Thicker silicone provides added protection and ridges molded into the skin allow for a better grip. Whether you are a professional photographer or a first-time digital SLR buyer, Snug-it Pro skins are perfect for anyone looking for complete camera protection. Snug-It Pro’s will begin shipping in late March, and will be available for the Canon Digital Rebel Xti, Canon 40D, and Nikon D40.

ExpressCard SSD – 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB
The Delkin ExpressCard SSD is the perfect solution for laptop users looking for reliable storage. It utilizes the PCI-E controller in the ExpressCard host and boasts transfer speeds over 45 MB/s. Solid State Drives are more reliable than traditional hard drives as they have no moving parts. The Delkin ExpressCard SSD is compatible will all laptops that have an ExpressCard 34 or 54 slot and works with Windows XP and Vista as well as Mac OS 10.4 and above. The Delkin ExpressCard SSD will be available in early March of 2008 and will be available in capacities of 4GB, 8GB and 16GB.

16GB CompactFlash UDMA & 16GB SDHC
Delkin’s Pro line of memory cards offers speed and reliability, making sure that you won’t miss a shot. The new 16GB CompactFlash UDMA cards boosts screaming fast read/write speeds—up to 305x (45MB/sec sustained transfer speed capability). Now photographers using UDMA enabled cameras such as the Canon 1Ds Mark III, Nikon D300 and Nikon D3X have a memory card that can maximize the full benefits of their camera investment. The Delkin SDHC Pro 16GB Class 6 cards offer maximum storage and speed. Many new digital SLRs and HD video cameras take SDHC cards now. When shooting in RAW in your digital SLR or HD in your video camera, you will need a large card to store all your images and footage. The CF Pro UDMA 16GB and SDHC Pro 16GB Class 6 cards are available.

Pop-Up Shade Canon 40D
Delkin’s popular Pop-Up Shade line has been expanded again to include Professional and Standard shades for the Canon 40D digital SLR. Delkin’s Pop-Up Shades are custom-made for each camera and attach to the existing eye piece and slots around the display. The shades block glare indoors and outdoors and include a piece of hard plastic to protect the LCD against damage. The Professional shade covers most buttons on the back of the camera to reduce wear. Convenient and easy to use, Pop-Up Shades are a must-have accessory. The Canon 40D Pop-Up Shades are available now.