FocusTwist for iOS lets viewers pick their focal point after the photo is taken. (Click to focus on this photo here.)

FocusTwist update lets users save photos to Camera Roll

We were quick to download FocusTwist when we found it earlier this week. The Lytro-like app takes multiple photos at different focal planes and saves them all in an interactive viewing experience. It works best when the foreground subject is super close to the camera and the photographer must hold very still during capture.

FocusTwist requires photographers to stay very still while it takes multiple photos at different focal planes.

Since we wrote about the app on Monday, FocusTwist has released two pretty major updates. The first allows users to save the photos to their camera roll and the second makes the $1.99 app compatible with the iPhone 3GS. If you (like us) downloaded FocusTwist on Monday, you might want to get the update to fix any bugs that you may have run into with the original version—including a bug that prevented users in certain countries from using the app.

Tripod mode in ProCamera will allow exposures as slow as 1 second.

ProCamera adds full-screen editing and tripod/handheld exposure modes

ProCamera is no stranger to updates. This latest update makes it version 4.1 (that's about 102 in app years.) While users may appreciate ProCamera's ability to take 1-second exposures in low-light situations, the resulting camera shake can be frustrating. Version 4.1 includes a handheld/tripod mode, keeping hand-held shots relatively fast at 1/7 sec and letting tripod shots go as slow as 1/1 sec. ProCamera also updated its editing feature, allowing for full screen use of its editing tools. You can read the full details of ProCamera's update on its blog.

OnOne's Perfect B&W's desktop app comes to iOS

Desktop software makes OnOne is going mobile with the release of its Perfect B&W app for iOS. The $1.99 iPhone/iPad app has both one-touch editing tools and sliders to adjust brightness, contrast and detail. Users can also apply grain, glow, borders and vignettes before sharing their newly unsaturated photos to social media straight from the app. But note that the new app does not allow for full resolution saving.

Hip blogging platform Tumblr has released its official Windows Phone 8 app.

Tumblr for Windows Phone 8 released

Bloggers and GIF-lovers rejoice! You can now post and view Tumblr entries from its own Windows Phone 8 app. It integrates into Windows Phone 8's lenses system for easy photo posting and is also fully GIF-compatible. Check out the details on Windows Phone 8's official blog.

SpeakingPhoto allows users to record audio with their photos.

SpeakingPhoto for iOS let you tell your photo's story

An app for iOS will record audio and attach it to your mobile photos. SpeakingPhoto—$0.99 for iPhone and $2.99 for iPad—saw its broad release for iOS 6 earlier this week. SpeakingPhoto can connect audio to any photo in your Camera Roll and will save the new file as a Quicktime movie—a more compressed file than normal video, therefore taking up less room when you save the audio photo back in your Camera Roll. You can see some SpeakingPhoto examples here.