Official photo from Princess Charlotte's christening. Photo by Mario Testino

By way of a letter from Kensington Palace, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have expressed concerns with some of the recent tactics used by paparazzi trying to photograph their two-year-old son. The letter details some of the methods photographers have used to try and get their shots, including hiding in sand dunes and using other children to lure Prince George into view at playgrounds.

The list goes on: other methods detailed include surveillance of nannies and household staff, pursuing cars leaving family homes, and use of telephoto lenses to photograph the Duchess playing with her son at a private park. 

The letter, written by Communications Secretary Jason Knauf, points out that most reputable media outlets in the US and the Commonwealth have a policy of not publishing unauthorized photos of the family. But publications that will pay for unauthorized photos of the young Prince remain. By issuing this statement, the family hopes to inform the public of the tactics used to produce un-authorized photos and put pressure on the publications to stop paying for them.