After many emails pointing out that the differences between SLR-like digicams and Compact digicams forums was confusing the following forum changes have taken place:

  • "SLR-like digicams" has now become "News discussion"
  • "Compact digicams" has now become "Digital Cameras"

The new News discussion forum is used to discuss news articles, if you look at the bottom of this article you'll see a message board, each news story has it's own threaded news message board which can be used to post messages (just click on Post new message)relating directly to that news story. When viewing a message related to a news article (either from the news pages or directly from the forum) you can always come back to the news article by clicking on the "Goto News article" or "Back to: News article" buttons.

I hope users find this enhancement useful and that you will actively use it to discuss and debate the latest Digital Photography News. As ever your feedback goes to shaping the design and features available on this site, contact me: Phil Askey