We don't normally post film scanner news, but this seems to be a fairly attractive deal. Kodak are offering a trade-in rebate for various brands of scanner (other brand trade in of $500) against their Professional RFS 3570 plus film scanner. This offer runs until December 15, 2000.

Kodak Professional Offers Up To $1,500 Savings Via Trade-In Program for New RFS 3570 Plus Film Scanner

ROCHESTER, N.Y., October 18 - Owners of Kodak RFS 3570, 2035 Plus and 2035 film scanners, as well as selected scanners from other manufacturers, can receive a trade-in rebate of up to $1,500 toward a new Kodak Professional RFS 3570 Plus Film Scanner. Through Kodak's Trade-In Rebate Program, customers can trade in their existing scanner until December 15, 2000, and receive the instant rebate from authorized Kodak Professional Digital Product Resellers.

"Now customers can own the latest technology Kodak has to offer at a very affordable price," said Michael DeLuca, Marketing Manager, Scanners and Software, Kodak Professional. "Our Trade-In Rebate Program allows customers to easily upgrade their film scanning to achieve higher-quality, higher-speed scans."

The high resolution and outstanding dynamic range of the RFS 3570 Plus film scanner make it ideal for customers with a broad range of scanning needs. It handles both color and black-and-white film in 35mm, 46mm, 70mm and 120 formats, positive or negative.

A more efficient light source increases speed, consistency and reliability, while an improved motherboard sends 12-bit data directly to the host computer at a faster rate. By moving image processing to the host computer, users gain even more speed. The RFS 3570 Plus film scanner cuts scanning times by up to 75 percent (depending on the speed of the host computer). Increased speed means more scans per hour, resulting in more productivity and profitability.

Also, a new imaging subsystem reduces flare resulting in higher quality scans with better color, sharpness and saturation.

The following scanners are eligible for the trade-in rebate:

Scanners eligible for trade-in Rebate Amount
KODAK RFS 3570 $1,500
KODAK RFS 2035 Plus $1,000
KODAK RFS 2035 $500
MINOLTA DIMAGE Scan Speed $500
MINOLTA DIMAGE Scan Elite $500
MINOLTA DIMAGE Scan Multi $500
NIKON CoolScan 3 $500
NIKON Super CoolScan 2000 $500
NIKON LS-4500 AF Multi-Format $500
POLAROID Sprint Scan 35/LE $500
POLAROID Sprint Scan 4000 $500
POLAROID Sprint Scan 35 Plus $500
POLAROID Sprint Scan 45I Multiformat $500
MICROTEK AS 4000t $500

Included with the scanner is Kodak ColorFlow Image Acquire Software, which allows the user to apply ICC-compliant profiles at the time of scanning or to archived images. It works seamlessly with the RFS 3570 Plus film scanner to provide high-quality image conversion directly to other color spaces, such as RGB, sRGB, CIELab and CMYK.

There also are input profiles included for popular Kodak Professional films, and output profiles for a wide array of monitors, output devices and standardized color separations, such as SWOP, SNAP and Euroscale.

The RFS 3570 Plus film scanner performs high-quality digital scans for a wide variety of image conversion needs. Its intuitive, easy-to-use interface enables operators to quickly master its capabilities. A multi-format configuration provides up to a 2K x 3K resolution scan. At 12-bits per channel, it delivers exceptional color fidelity and image detail.

Kodak's Trade-In Rebate Program for the Kodak Professional RFS 3570 Plus Film Scanner is a U.S.-only promotion that runs until December 15, 2000. A completed rebate claim form, available from authorized Kodak Professional Digital Dealers, is required.