Adobe's decision to move to a subscription-based model for its professional creative software has prompted probably  the most impassioned response we've ever seen to a news story on There's a risk that the sheer volume of comments might prevent a clear message being heard, so we've prepared a poll of the most common complaints, to help establish what your biggest concerns are.

While there's every chance you are uncomfortable with a number of aspects of Adobe's decision, we want to know what's most pressing. So please vote for the factor that is of greatest concern to you and we'll communicate the results to Adobe.

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What concerns you most about Adobe's move to subscription-based software?
  • Having to repeatedly pay to retain access60.3%
  • Adobe's pricing is too high20.7%
  • The need to occasionally connect to the Internet/Cloud4.0%
  • Uncertainty over future of Adobe or pricing10.7%
  • Actually, I think it might work for me4.3%
Total voters: 6,558